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  • Swiss police arrest several senior FIFA executives in an early morning raid at a five-star hotel in Zurich: the arrests were made at the request of the US justice department according to reports
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Anti-government protesters continue to brave the cold in Kyiv’s Independence Square. Music and colourful tents help keep momentum high but news of the latest Ukrainian-Russia deal has been a major blow. Some believe the deal – that includes a bailout and a gas price discount – means Ukraine is selling its soul to Moscow and will have to give something back in return.

But there is little sympathy for pro-European protesters in Moscow and one current political commentator linked to the Kremlin Konstantin Zatulin veiled criticism of the European Parliament’s stance saying that Members of the European Parliament should not have adopted a resolution saying that Russia has imposed pressure on Ukraine.

Although EU flags decorate some parts of Kyiv, Russian Head of State Vlamidir Putin still hopes to lure the Ukraine’s huge mineral-rich market into a Eurasion Union.
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