Ukraine president meets Putin in Moscow

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Ukraine president meets Putin in Moscow

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Ukranian President Viktor Yanukovytch is meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin on Tuesday.

There may be a money on the table that could help fend off an economic crisis in exchange for freezing a trade deal with the European Union, however that may add fuel to anti-government protests in Kiev.

Pro-Yanukovytch supporters travelled on trains and buses from Russian-speaking regions of Ukraine and gathered outside the parliament building in Kyiv.

While inside parliament, the opposition accused him of “selling out the country to Russia.”

One of the opposition leaders, world boxing champion Vitaly Klitschko from the Udar “punch” party has one solution:

“The president said at the roundtable that he is not afraid of snap elections. Then let him call a fair election. We are confident that it can be held in March 2014,” said Klitschko.

Thousands of anti-government protesters gathered at Kyiv’s Independent Square remain hopeful that their embattled president will resist Russian pressure.

Crowds have been protesting against Yanukovych shunning closer ties with the EU and pushing Ukraine toward Moscow.