An angel visits and Susan Boyle sings in 'The Christmas Candle'

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An angel visits and Susan Boyle sings in 'The Christmas Candle'

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The now famous voice of Britain’s Susan Boyle fills one of this festive season’s movies ‘The Christmas Candle’.

The story takes place in the small English village of Gladbury, where according to an age-old tradition, every 25 years an angel visits and blesses a candle that will bring good luck to whoever lights it at Christmas.

“It’s very fresh, it’s a very simple little story. It’s very sweet. Not saccharine, but sweet, chocolate boxy and just really nice,” said Scottish actor John Hannah, who stars in the film.

It is the long-awaited film debut of Susan Boyle, who shot to fame after winning the TV show ‘Britain’s Got Talent’. She plays a church warden’s wife named Eleanor.

British actress and singer Samantha Barks takes the role of Emily, a parishioner who falls in love with the village’s new young vicar.

“The story has this amazing way of showing the spirit of Christmas and (…) I always call myself a cheerleader for Christmas. I’m always like ‘Woo’, I love it so much. And there is definitely this thing, that around Christmas time everybody’s just a little bit kinder. It just is this universal thing, where the world is just a slightly nicer place, I think,” Barks enthused.

The film has received very mixed reviews with one critic calling it “lovely looking, but dramatically flat and emotionally sterile”.

‘The Christmas Candle’ by John Stephenson is out now in the UK.

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