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LeWeb 2013: hanging out with World Champion Kiteboarder Jesse Richman


LeWeb 2013: hanging out with World Champion Kiteboarder Jesse Richman

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On day 2 of the LeWeb2013 conference in Paris, euronews’ Mark Davis received Jesse Richman, a speaker at LeWeb, for a Google+ Hangout On Air.

Jesse Richman is a 21 year old world champion kiteboarder. Richman is a native of the island of Maui who was raised in the ocean as a waterman, surfer and free diver. He has been a professional kiteboader since the age of 12. Richman has a decorated athletic career. He is the reigning Red Bull King of Air champion and won the Overall Kiteboarding World Champion award in 2008 and 2009. Most recently Richman set a world record for kite tow up in Hood River, Oregon. The tow up included a 790-foot decent down to the water which resulted in the most viral kiteboarding video in the sport’s history.

Richman shares an open-minded attitude crossed with an entrepreneurial spirit. He has partnered with MaiTai Global, an elite group of tech entrepreneurs and investors since its inception. Richman travels to the kiteboarding camps / tech networking events as a professional rider and inspirational figure. In addition to MaiTai Global Richman recently teamed up with Silicon Valley Bank on a quest to push the envelope in kiteboarding and entrepreneurship. As a professional athlete Richman is no stranger to taking risk. Richman wants to inspire people around the world to get out of their comfort zone, take a risk and try something new. He is guided by the belief that the major limits of our accomplishments are a lack of imagination and courage.

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