Sandy Hook anniversary - 'Act of kindness'

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Sandy Hook anniversary - 'Act of kindness'

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Almost a year ago, the small American community of Newtown was devastated by the killing of 20 young children and six adults.

A gunman had entered an elementary school and gone on a shooting rampage before killing himself.

Joanne Bacon, who speaks for some of the families affected by the tragedy, is asking people to mark the anniversary – December 14 – by helping others:

“We ask that you consider performing an act of kindness or volunteering with a charitable organisation in your own local community. We hope that some small measure of good may be returned to the world.”

In a report released last month, investigators said the gunman, 20 year old Adam Lanza, acted alone.

Lanza shot his mother dead before driving to the school – Newtown is about 113 kilometres north east of New York City.

His motives, and the reasons why he targeted Sandy Hook Elementary, where he himself had once attended, remain unknown.