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EU’s Foreign Policy Chief in Ukraine
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The European Union’s Foreign Police Chief has met both the president and anti-government demonstrators in Ukraine.

Catherine Ashton was at the protest camp at Independence Square, which has been the scene of barricades and tents for over two weeks now, and was greeted with chants of ‘molodets’ or ‘good fellow’.

She went on to meet three protest leaders: boxer turned politician Vitaly Klitschko as well as Arseniy Yatsenyuk and Oleh Tyahnybok.

Speaking before the meeting, Baroness Ashton expressed concern over a raid on the headquarters of Ukraine’s biggest opposition party, ‘Fatherland’, led by Yulia Tymoshemko, who’s currently in jail. The EU considers Tymoshemko a political prisoner.

Earlier, Catherine Ashton had talks with Ukraine’s President Victor Yanukovych, whose rejection of a trade deal with the EU triggered the protests.

The two met for three and a half hours, but so far no details of the talks have been released.

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