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Italy: ‘Pitchfork protesters’ disrupt road and rail travel in protest at state of economy

09/12/13 19:44 CET

Thousands of farmers, lorry drivers, pensioners and unemployed people have taken to the streets in Italy as part of a series of protests against the government and the European Union.

Demonstrators stopped train services by walking on the tracks while striking lorry drivers disrupted traffic by driving slowly and blocking roads.

The ‘Pitchfork Movement’ as it is known was originally a group of Sicilian farmers pushing for more help from the government but has grown into a wider movement.

Demonstrators are angry about a range of issues including globalisation, taxes, fuel prices and the euro.

One protester said:“We must recover our dignity. That means jobs, social protection and rights. So far we just have duties”

Many share the protesters’ anger and at one point police officers in Turin took off their helmets, in a show of solidarity.

Italy’s economy is in deep recession with youth unemployment at over 40 percent and many businesses going bust.

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