Storm Xaver reeks deadly havoc across Europe

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Storm Xaver reeks deadly havoc across Europe

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Its hurricane force winds have toppled trees, torn open roofs and reeked havoc across northern Europe.

In Poland, Storm Xaver killed three people and injured another when a severed branch was blown onto and crushed a car.

High winds also downed electricity lines, leaving more than 100,000 people without power.

The Polish airline LOT was also forced to cancel some domestic and European flights due to what was described as, “unexpected weather changes.”

Meanwhile in Germany about 4,000 people in the north of country were without power. Schools and some roads were closed, while about 70 flights out of Hamburg were cancelled.

A high-speed rail line between Hamburg and Berlin was closed after it was blocked by falling debris on the tracks.

In Britain, thousands were evacuated due to a tidal surge – the worst in 60 years – along the east coast of the country.

At least three people in the UK are reported to have died in accidents linked to the weather.