Storm continues to leave trail of destruction in Europe

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Storm continues to leave trail of destruction in Europe

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Violent storms are showing no signs of weakening in Northern Europe, with reports of at least four people dead or missing.

Britain’s Environment Agency warned of the risk of a storm surge along the coast leading to evacuations and the Thames barrier being deployed to protect London.

Winds of up to 228 kph pummeled the east of Scotland, overturning a lorry near Edinburgh and killing the driver.

As high winds head for the continent fallen trees littered roads. Hamburg’s emergency services were out in force to deal with the debris and schools were closed.

The storm is also causing transport chaos with hundreds of flights cancelled and rail networks shut down.

As it reaches small islands off the coast of Germany the residents fear being cut off from supply routes as water levels are rising higher than expected.

In Denmark a 72-year-old woman died when the truck in which she was travelling overturned in high winds, and the bridge connecting with Sweden has been closed as hurricane force gusts continue to batter the coast.