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Russian dancer gets six years for Bolshoi acid attack


Russian dancer gets six years for Bolshoi acid attack

A Russian dancer has been jailed for six years for an acid attack that nearly blinded the artistic director of the Bolshoi Ballet.

Sulphuric acid was thrown at Sergei Filin outside his Moscow flat in January, badly damaging his eyesight.

A judge said Pavel Dmitrichenko and two others had intentionally caused grievous bodily harm. Yuri Zarutsky, who threw the acid, was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Andrei Lipatov, who drove Zarutsky to the scene, was sentenced to four years.

Filin has had more than 20 operations to try to save his eyesight.

The case has damaged the reputation of one of Russia’s best known cultural institutions.

Dmitrichenko has acknowledged he wanted Filin roughed up but said he had not wanted acid to be used. He pleaded not guilty.


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