Amazon announces plans for home deliveries by drone

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Amazon announces plans for home deliveries by drone

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Online retailer Amazon has released a video of drones which it hopes will soon be flying in home deliveries to customers.

The company intends them to be ready for use in five years in the United States, although it still has to get approval from US aviation regulators.

The drones, called Octocopters, would deliver packages weighing up to 2.3kg to customers who live up to 16 kilometres from the storage centres.

Amazon is in need of a positive news story, especially in the UK.

A recent undercover BBC investigation found workers were under “unbelievable” pressure which a leading stress expert said could cause “mental and physical illness.”

Amazon says the safety of workers is its “number one priority”.

The company has also come under fierce scrutiny for its tax position. Last year in the UK it paid £3.2m (3.8m Euros) in tax, despite its overall UK sales being £4.2bn (5m Euros.)

In the summer, a petition of over 170,000 signatures was delivered to 10 Downing Street, the official residence of the British prime minister, demanding Amazon pay tax on UK sales.