Eight dead and 14 seriously injured in police helicopter crash

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Eight dead and 14 seriously injured in police helicopter crash

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Eight people are dead and 14 seriously injured after a police helicopter crashed into the roof of the busy ‘Clutha’ pub in Glasgow on Friday night.

The helicopter’s civilian pilot and two police officer passengers have been pronounced dead, while other bodies were found among the wreckage of the city centre venue.

Labour MP Jim Murphy was at the scene to help with rescue efforts:

“I thought the best thing I could do was just try and lift people,” he said. “So there was this kind of human chain; people further in the pub than me, trying to grab people out and there was a small line of people.”

Up to 120 people were thought to have been in the pub at the time of the crash.

Immediately afterwards, those who were able to escape reportedly rushed outside caked in dust and blood.

Tearful friends and relatives of those who were in the pub gathered at the scene during the day.

“It was just very emotional to see that these people were still in shock, and even young guys crying just from the sheer shock of it,” said one passerby.

The helicopter is said to have dropped “like a stone” from the sky, leaving those inside the pub gasping for air amidst the dust and debris.

Police have said it is too early to speculate on the cause of the crash.

Planned Saint Andrew’s celebrations were cancelled across the city on Saturday.