Loggins' new group releases Christmas EP

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Loggins' new group releases Christmas EP

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Sixty five and still going strong after four decades as a top draw in show business, Kenny Loggins is now one of the Blue Sky Riders, whose new seasonal CD is called “Finally home for Christmas”.

It follows on the heels of January’s “Finally Home”, the Riders’ first album whose three-part harmonies wowed the critics.

Loggins has 12 platinum records and sales north of 25 million LPs to his name, so why still bother?

“It’s been a challenge from the very beginning as far as time and energy goes. Suddenly, with a 16-year-old, 15-year-old daughter at home, I find myself working more than ever when I really, part of me, really wanted to be home with her, but I also have to follow my passion, so I can only assume that what she needed to watch was daddy getting on fire with something and what it takes to make that happen. You know, it’s a balancing act,” he says.

Aside from soft and country rock Loggins was once dubbed king of the Hollywood soundtrack after a purple patch in the 1980s when he wrote hits for “Footloose” and “Top Gun”. However away from the movies Loggins regrets some of the developments in his beloved music business.

“You know, the monolithic ownership of radio stations has homogenized the playlists now so getting on the radio is a completely different game, I’m not sure one that I will even bother playing. Radio is still powerful, but the point being that things have changed and there are new rules and new ways to play the game and so part of the fun of jumping back in the pool is to learn the new rules,” he insists.

Most of his peers have gone the other way, carving solo careers after being in big bands. Loggins has taken the harder road, and sounds the better and fresher for it.

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