Thailand's PM calls for protests to end after confidence vote victory

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Thailand's PM calls for protests to end after confidence vote victory

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Although the crowds of protesters in Thailand appear to be dwindling following the failure of the opposition to oust the prime minister in a parliamentary confidence vote, their grip on key power centres is growing.

In Bangkok the surrounded police headquarters has had its power cut, and nationally 25 local government offices are now occupied.

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra appeared on national television following the no-confidence victory to appeal to the protesters to abandon their action.

“We have shown restraint, There has been no violence like in the past. We are not playing a political game; the economy and society will only suffer. We are ready for dialogue with anyone, so leave government offices now,” she said.

The opposition deposed, prosecuted and drove her prime minister brother Thaksin into exile, and is determined to get her too.

“She’s created a country unable to help the people, who are not getting anything. It all started with Thaksin,” said one woman.

“I feel we should keep fighting, the entire country will fight! We’ll fight no matter what, we are not backing down,” said another.

The opposition is hampered by the fact that its leadership is struggling to lay out any sort of strategy beyond protest, or outline any policies that offer a credible solution for Thailand’s growing economic problems.