EADS German workers protest against possible job losses

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EADS German workers protest against possible job losses

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More than 20,000 workers in Germany have taken to the streets in protest at plans by European aerospace company EADS to restructure, which could see the loss of thousands of jobs.

Workers demonstrated at 30 sites across Germany.

At particular risk is the Manching site in Bavaria as it depends on future orders for the Eurofighter jet at a time when national governments are cutting defence budgets.

Employee Peter Storecker said: “This is complete rubbish, what is happening. We are making money, there is work for everyone. This does not make sense. It is simply not right what is happening.”

The company, which is part-owned by the French and German governments, says it needs to be competitive in the future and needs to streamline to increase profits.

EADS is due to announce details of the shake-up on December 9th.