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Dubai celebrates hosting 2020 World Expo

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Dubai celebrates hosting 2020 World Expo


The Gulf emirate of Dubai is celebrating winning the right the host the 2020 World Expo.

It has become the first Middle Eastern city to host the event which the United Arab Emirates hopes will pull in billions of dollars of investment.

One unidentified Emirati man told euronews: “I’m very, very happy today. You know when today is your birthday, you feel how you are happy, but this is more than my birthday.”

A female Dubai resident, originally from Morocco, said: “Dubai is the best place that can prove that it is a symbol for Arab women, because women here have a lot of freedom and rights. And this is also a great achievement for the Arab women.”

François Chignac, euronews correspondent reported: “The joy is real tonight in Dubai, the heart of the city, a few meters from the Burj Khalifa, where thousands of people came to celebrate this victory. It took more than 150 years for an Arabic city to win this Expo. Dubai has now seven years to make the most out of this unique opportunity in the Arab world.”

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