Ancient settlement discovered in Israel

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Ancient settlement discovered in Israel

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Archaeologists in Israel have uncovered an ancient settlement, which may date back some 10,000 years. The site was discovered during a construction project to widen a motorway.

The encampment shows early indications of livestock management and crop cultivation.

A period when humankind began to change and influence the environment.

Amir Golani is an archaeologist working on the site:“All these buildings form a complete plan. In this plan we see the beginnings of how society moved from being a village centered society to an urban centered society.”

The oldest artifacts are some 10,000 years old and include a stone knife and some early examples of pottery.

Amir Golani continues: “Here in Eshta’ol we have found several buildings and among them we found a very interesting large stone. A very large stone, I would say, worked in all six sides, like a domino, standing up right as a standing stone. This stone we believe served the cultic function.”

Scientists discovered that the buildings underwent a number of construction and repair phases, that allude to their importance. Archaeologists found what they believe are ancient columns, maybe part of an early temple.

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