UK slavery case - alleged victims held in 'collective' for 30 years

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UK slavery case - alleged victims held in 'collective' for 30 years

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Three woman at the centre of slavery allegations in south London are said to have lived in some kind of “collective” where police believe their captors controlled them through brain washing and beatings.

The three alleged victims were freed from the house in Brixton four weeks ago where they claim they had been kept as slaves for thirty years.

The married couple suspected of holding the women, described as former Maoist activists have been named as Aravindan Balakrishnan and his wife Chanda.

Those living in the neighbourhood say they have been shocked by the case.

“Every time they were in a hurry to go shopping and they couldn’t stop to speak, it was very….there was something not quite right there,” said local resident Paddy Presley.

One of the women, a 30 year-old, had written letters to a neighbour describing the conditions under which she was living. Social services had also been informed about a suspected dysfunctional family.

Police are also said to be investigating several properties around London.