Syrian snipers 'target children' says report

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Syrian snipers 'target children' says report

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The conflict in Syria is having a catastrophic effect on children, according to a report produced by the London-based Oxford Research Group.

It claims more than 11,000 have died in the country’s civil war, most having been killed by bombs or shells.

But the think tank also says over 700 were executed, nearly 400 were killed by sniper fire and more than 100 including infants were tortured.

More than two million Syrians have fled the country, around half of them are believed to be children.

And the war goes on.

Over the weekend fierce fighting to the east of Damascus is said to have killed more than 160 people.

Syrian rebels are struggling to break a six-month-long blockade by forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad.

Local and international aid workers claim along with the shelling, Assad’s forces appear to be trying to starve out residents and rebels alike.