Typhoon Haiyan leaves children most at risk

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Typhoon Haiyan leaves children most at risk

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Up to two million Filipino children are at risk of abuse, trafficking and acute malnutrition in the aftermath of the storm, according to aid agencies.

UN Emergency Relief Coordinator Valerie Amos is concerned. 800,000 pregnant and nursing mothers also need nutritional help.

“Emergency maternal medical care must be prioritized to ensure safe child births. With the breakdown of normal health care system, healthcare workers are monitoring for measles, polio, tetanus, respiratory illnesses and diarrhea, “ said Amos.

The typhoon, which swept across The Philippines two weeks ago, killed more than 5,000 people and caused massive destruction and devastation.

The death toll has mounted as rescuers reach remote areas hit by one of the biggest storms ever recorded.

Survivors say they are determined, through, to rise up and recreate their lives and homes from the rubble.