Huge rally against EU integration in Moldova

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Huge rally against EU integration in Moldova

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‘No’ to closer ties with the European Union

That was the message from at least 15,000 Moldovans answering the call of the country’s opposition Communists to protest in the capital Chisinau.

Some elderly participants held religious icons aloft, to decry an association deal with the EU due to be concluded at a summit in Lithuania next week.

Accusing the pro-European government of telling lies to the people, Communist Party leader Vladimir Voronin said: “They do not ask anyone, they ignore parliament and public opinion and they are intending to sign a secret document at Vilnius.”

He added that Moldova could receive cheaper energy from Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan
within a rival customs union led by Moscow.

A much larger rally in favour of EU-integration was held in Moldova earlier this month.

According to opinion polls, just over half the population of the ex-Soviet republic supports an increasingly close relationship with Brussels.