Bambis, Playboy and Angels

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Bambis, Playboy and Angels

Bambis, Playboy and Angels
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Global celebrities have been walking the red carpet in Berlin for the Bambis, the oldest media awards in Germany.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates and his wife were there as the laureates of the Millenium Bambi for their foundation, which combats poverty in the Third World.

“Well, Germany has always been very generous in helping with aid issues, they have been a partner, Can we all be more generous, can we be more effective? Talking about the various projects it’s great to come here, I got a chance to meet with the chancellor, the science minister, the finance minister, a lot of key partners,” said Bill Gates.

British singer Robbie Williams opened the show with his new tune, ‘Go Gentle’, before picking up his award for Entertainment.

Fashion designer Victoria Beckham was handed the Fashion Bambi by none other than Karl Lagerfeld. A very touched Beckham thanked Lagerfeld for what she called his wonderful words about her. And controversial US pop singer Miley Cyrus dressed up for the occasion as she picked up her award in the International Pop category.

“I want to thank you very much for having me here in Germany, it has been amazing,” said Cyrus.

Now for a bit of nostalgia in the “entertainment for men” category. British supermodel Kate Moss has been posing for 60th anniversary of Playboy magazine. Its first issue, published in December 1953, featured iconic actress Marilyn Monroe posing nude.

The timing was perfect for Moss who will also be celebrating her 40th birthday in a couple of months.

And finally, the lingerie mega-brand Victoria’s Secret showed off its latest collection in New York to the sound of US rock band Fall Out Boy and country singer Taylor Swift. The models weaved their way between the singers and some fancy sets in a show full of drama and fun.

At her fitting for her Psychedelic Angel costume, with hand-painted thigh-high boots and probably the biggest wings of the show, lingerie supermodel Karlie Kloss said that while the garments are skimpy, they take months to make.

There was no shortage of feathers and boas, in a collection that was described as more delicate than the more overtly sexy outfits of the past few years.

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