Rower makes history with Atlantic crossing

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Rower makes history with Atlantic crossing

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Home and almost dry, Canadian Mylene Paquette this week became the first North American to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a row boat.

The Quebecois set off from the town of Halifax in Nova Scotia, Canada on July 6 and then tackled one of the most unforgiving oceans on a 2,700-mile journey to Lorient in Western France.

After arriving Paquette told reporters that it was far from plain sailing.

She said: ‘‘I was in the cabin and went to go outside and I capsized at that moment. I banged my head on the electric panel I think and then I saw black. Then I thought to myself, what would have happened if I had been out on deck. So I suffered post-traumatic shock for several minutes and I consulted the doctor. Other than that I suffered from a carbon monoxide intoxication and I had my butane gas tank leak in the cabin.”

Pacquette also fell overboard three times.

She was supposed to arrive mid-september, but due to the harsh and challenging weather conditions, she reached terra firma more than a month late with a total of 130 days at sea.

On her arrival in France after four months at sea Pacquette was met by her mother and other members of her family who helped her celebrate the historic accomplishment.

And what better way to do that than with some Champagne.