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Evidence has emerged of looting in the Philippines in the wake of the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan.

Amateur film taken in a shopping centre in the stricken city of Tacloban shows looters helping themselves to items off shelves in a large store.

Elsewhere there have been reports of relief agencies being mobbed, warehouses robbed and water pipes punctured as people try to get at precious supplies.

Desperation, thirst, hunger and opportunism are said to be provoking anarchy.

The authorities say they intend to stamp it out.

“Our message to the looters is that we will implement the full force of the law, because that cannot be tolerated. Our countrymen are suffering already and they will just add more problems,” said police chief Carmelo Valmoria.

Restoring order is as important a priority as distributing emergency supplies.

Dozens more soldiers have arrived in Tacloban aboard two air force transport planes and quickly began unloading humanitarian provisions.

One UN official in the flattened city said disasters like this allowed a three-day window to get aid through. If there is nothing by day four, people are angry, he added.

There have also been reports of violence in other parts of the country devastated by the super-storm which the rescue effort has yet to reach.

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