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  • Hackers say will ensure security of Sony data unless ‘you make additional trouble’ – CNN, quoting message (Reuters)
  • Hackers send new message to Sony praising company for canceling movie ‘The Interview’ (CNN, Reuters)
  • US investigation finds that North Korea was responsible for Sony hack, with a possible Chinese link (Reuters)
  • Turkish government official says prosecutor asked court to issue arrest warrant for cleric Gulen, no court decision yet – Reuters
  • Turkish Foreign Minister says training and equipping of Syrian opposition fighters may begin before March – Reuters
  • Iran continues to comply with terms of interim nuclear deal with world powers, monthly IAEA report shows – Reuters

Fears for the health of people caught in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan have been raised in an interview on euronews.

Mark Rosen spokesman for the NGO, I.S.A.R. Germany in Germany is in Manila with a team waiting to be flown to the disaster area.

“There is a team of 24 of us here waiting in Manila and we don’t know where we will be flown to. Three of the team are emergency doctors, while the rest are emergency personnel like paramedics and nurses.

‘We have a portable hospital unit for treating people on site. We have the capacity to treat 1,000 patients in 10 days which is about 100 a day. We can treat small wounds, we can deal with fractures but can also carry out surgery, like amputations,” he explained and went on to describe conditions in the capital.

“It’s dark. it’s raining intermittently. We’ll probably have a monsoon tomorrow. It’s somewhere around 26 or 27 degrees and it feels very heavy. The humidity feels like it’s about 500 percent.

‘If – in this heat and with the filthy water – people’s wounds are not treated they will become infected. The polluted water can cause infections and blood poisoning very quickly and that can lead to a rapid death,” he concluded.

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