Libya: warring militias bring battle to streets of Tripoli

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Libya: warring militias bring battle to streets of Tripoli

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There have been more battles between rival militias in Libya’s capital Tripoli.

The latest violence on Thursday evening followed the death of the commander of the al-Nassour group, killed on Monday in clashes with the Souk al-Joumma militia.

Dozens of armed men from al-Nassour , some riding in pick-up trucks with anti-aircraft guns, came from the western city of Misrata to avenge his death.

They opened fire in the streets causing people to abandon cars and run for safety.

One Tripoli resident said there was no-one left to protect them: “There is no army to protect ordinary people, there are bullets in the apartments and in the buildings in our homes, it’s not Libya anymore it’s Somalia. Look it’s started again – as you can see, we are living it live. There is no army to protect ordinary people.”

At Tripoli’s central hospital some of those caught in the crossfire were being treated. A medical official said that one person was killed and 11 injured.

The violence is part of two years of unrest and lawlessness after the overthrow of Libyan dictator Gadhafi.

Prime Minister Ali Zeidan has tried to integrate the militia that helped topple Gaddafi into the army and police. However most continue to report to their own commanders or tribes.