Final day of Geneva talks could bring nuclear deal with Iran

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Final day of Geneva talks could bring nuclear deal with Iran

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As talks on Iran’s nuclear programme reach their final day in Geneva, sources suggest a joint statement from Western powers and Iran could be possible by the end of Friday.

It’s reported America has proposed a short-term nuclear agreement which would allow Tehran to continue enriching uranium at low levels according to one source.

Such a move is viewed as a “fist step agreement” creating time for a final deal. Tehran remains optimistic.

“In the meeting on Thursday morning I had the feeling that the other party also wanted to get a result. The Western powers – the 5+1 as they are called really need to win over the confidence of the Iranian people and this opportunity is now within their reach,” Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif told reporters.

The foreign powers have not commented on the progress of the talks. Washington outlined its ambitions as lawmakers discuss a Senate Bill for tougher sanctions.

“There is a limited window of opportunity here, so we’re taking advantage of a new level of seriousness that we’ve seen to engage in negotiations but we are doing it in a way that makes clear actions are what happen here,” said White Spokesman Jay Carney.

Proposals to ease economic sanctions could lead to the US releasing some foreign reserves currently held in frozen accounts and relaxing restrictions on oil exports.

Reporting for euronews from Geneva, correspondent Fariba Mavaddat said, “Until just last year it was impossible to consider direct negotiations between the US and Iran. These talks show a positive and constructive atmosphere between the two moving forward.”