EU commissioner faces tax fraud allegations

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EU commissioner faces tax fraud allegations

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A tax dispute involving EU trade commissioner Karel de Gucht is set to be heard in court on November 25.

Belgian authorities claim he owes them 900,000 euros. He denies wrongdoing.

De Gucht is being investigated for gains made from the sale of shares and the purchase of a house in Italy.

His employer says it’s a private matter that has no connection with his work.

European Commission spokeswoman Pia Ahrenkilde Hansen said: “This is about a case which has no impact on the work done by Mr de Gucht during his time as commissioner and it is linked to something which happened before he was named as a commissioner.”

Ex-health commissioner John Dalli was forced out of his job last year over corruption allegations.

EU officials are investigating claims that one of his associates sought a bribe from a tobacco lobbyist in return for watering down a planned law.