DR Congo peace deal with M23 'to be signed on Monday'

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DR Congo peace deal with M23 'to be signed on Monday'

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The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) says it will sign a peace deal on Monday, November 10 with the M23 rebel group, which abandoned its armed struggle this week.

Uganda says the signing ceremony will take place in its capital Kampala in the presence of officials from the African Union and the UN.

The news, announced in Paris, came after Kinshasa said it had taken the last two rebel bases near the Ugandan border.

The DRC’s Foreign Minister Raymond Tshibanda N’Tunga Mulongo set out the terms.

“In the discussions we held in Kampala, it was made absolutely clear there’d be no amnesty for war crimes, crimes against humanity including sexual violence, the recruiting of child soldiers, large scale human rights abuses, not to mention acts of genocide, no-one will grant amnesty for these kinds of crimes,” he said.

Top of the list of those wanted for war crimes is the M23’s military chief. Sultani Makenga is now being held in Uganda after giving himself up.

The M23’s defeat has raised hopes of peace in the huge central African nation which is two-thirds the size of Europe.

The Congolese army is expected to tackle other rebel movements in the east of the country.