Claims Snowden used colleagues logins to access US spying data

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Claims Snowden used colleagues logins to access US spying data

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Another twist in the tale of the Edward Snowden saga has emerged with claims that the whistleblower used other people’s login details to access the classified material he leaked to the press.

A Reuters investigation says the former US National Security Agency worker may have persuaded up to 25 colleagues at a base in Hawaii that he needed their passwords to work on the computer system.

Among the secrets disclosed by Snowden were revelations about the NSA’s global spying activities and they remain a hot topic at the UN.

Addressing a General Assembly committee, Germany’s UN ambassador Peter Wittig said: “Over the past month, reports about mass surveillance of private communication and the collection of personal data have alarmed people all over the world. They ask a legitimate question. Is their right to privacy still protected effectively in our digital world?”

Recent claims that US agents may have monitored Chancellor Angela Merkel’s phone have caused uproar in Germany, and not just among the political elite.

A survey by German public TV channel ARD found that 61 percent of those questioned felt the US is no longer a trusted partner. Some 46 percent percent believed Snowden should be given asylum in their country, while 48 percent were against that idea.