Greek government to face no-confidence vote after ERT police raid

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Greek government to face no-confidence vote after ERT police raid

Greek government to face no-confidence vote after ERT police raid
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The Greek government is to face a vote of no-confidence in parliament following the police raid on the headquarters of the former state broadcaster.

The evacuation of dozens of journalists who had been occupying the building brought protests outside from staff laid off after the government took ERT off air in June, saying it was wasteful and mismanaged.

For five months some journalists had kept an internet news feed going – until now.

Former ERT journalist Nikos Tsimpidas says he was on air in the radio studio when the police raided.

“A whole police squad came into the studio, they were behind my back, another team was outside. One of them with his face covered got in to film the whole thing, and their chief told me to turn off the microphone and stop speaking. I asked him if this was a firm order and he said yes,” he told euronews.

“My life changed because I decided that I have to react. Because no one can shut down the public television without having planned anything for the next day,. said another former ERT journalist, Marilena Katsimi.

The raid came as international inspectors were in Athens reviewing Greece’s progress made towards meeting bailout targets.

In protest at the security operation, the leader of the main leftist opposition Syriza party, Alexis Tsipras, has forced the vote of no-confidence this weekend.

The government says it is not worried about the outcome.

“You have given the government a very good opportunity to prove that its majority is strong and cohesive,”
Administration Reform Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said in reply to Tsipras.

Euronews correspondent Fay Doulgkeri said from the scene of the protest: “The police forces have surrounded the ERT building since the raid happened and have locked down all the exits. The broadcaster’s former employees, whose numbers keep on growing, say they won’t give up, and appeal for help from every employee in every sector.”