Giant cruise liners to be banned from Venice

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Giant cruise liners to be banned from Venice

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Italy is to ban giant cruise ships from coming to Venice.

Liners of more than 96,000 gross tonnes will be kept out from November 2014. Slightly smaller liners will be limited to a certain number a day.

Locals say the huge number of them has turned St Mark’s Basin into a motorway.

There is also concern at the damage they are doing to the already fragile city.

Mayor of Venice,‘Giorgio Orsoni said they would find other ways to enable ships to get to Venice: “In the meantime we’ll start with the study for a new port-planning, which should provide for a off shore port, the redevelopment of Marghera, and choosing new moorings also for passengers ships also in Marghera.”

Demonstrations by Venice residents and environmentalists who formed the protest group ‘No Big Ships’ had raised awareness about the possible damage caused.