Dubai Motor Show is a rich motoring experience

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Dubai Motor Show is a rich motoring experience

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The Dubai International Motor Show is a magnet for the world’s top luxury car makers and this year they are out in force, presented nearly 100 new models.

Britain’s Aston Martin showed off the CC-100 Speedster concept car, built to celebrate its 100th anniversary.

Neil Slade, General Manager for Aston Martin in the Middle East & North Africa, explained: “Only two of these were ever built.”

For the super rich, exclusivity is a selling point. Illustrated by the Hennessey Venom GT which is spectacularly fast and limited edition rare.

As Don Goldman, boss of US based Hennessey Performance Engineering, said: “We’re limiting the production to around 30 cars, and we built 10 as of this week. This car that’s behind me right here was actually built for a customer in Bahrain, that’s where he lives.”

Luxury car sales continue to rapidly expand in the Middle East market.

Bentley said its dealership in the United Arab Emirates has the biggest sales of any in the world and the UAE has become Aston Martin’s largest market in the less than one year since it opened its Dubai showroom.