Blast: from Russia with rock

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Blast: from Russia with rock

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Russian rock’n‘roll band Blast Unit Moscow have released their latest single “When The Music Is Over”.

They sing in English, not in Russian and say their inspiration comes from classic British rock’n‘roll. They are determined to become Russia’s first English-language band to gain international acclaim.

For their latest release, the foursome have teamed up with legendary record producer Martin Glover. “When the Music Is Over” is taken from their upcoming album “Krizis Of Genre”, which mixes electronica, punk and classic pop.

“Our new single “When The Music is Over” was written a year ago and the idea behind the song is that music is creativity and creativity is freedom,” says the band’s singer, Nash. “In the song we say that without music there is no creation or freedom, and this reflects the current state of things in the world. It was great that our producer, Martin Glover, also known as ‘Youth’, completely got the idea and helped us formulate it in the right way.”

“When The Music Is Over” is about the frustrations of being a musician in Russia today. The single’s animated video, made by a friend of the band, features global icons and figures ranging from Jesus Christ to Osama Bin Laden and George W. Bush.

“My friend called me and said that he’d done a very interesting video. He sent it through and I was amazed, because if you look carefully, there are multiple meanings and the guy has really succeeded in getting through what is happening in the world today, and this ties in with the idea of the song “When The Music is Over” in exactly the right way,” says Nash.

“When The Music is Over” is released at the end of the month.

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