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The Battle of Kiev is re-enacted 2013 style

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The Battle of Kiev is re-enacted 2013 style


In a field on the outskirts of Kiev, the World War II battle for the city has once again been fought between Soviet troops and the German army.

Seventy years ago it marked the beginning of Ukraine’s liberation from Nazi occupation. Today 1,000 members of historical re-enactment clubs from Europe and the US have been bringing history to life.

Vasil Fedorenko, looking every part a Soviet soldier took part for personal reasons:” My grandfather was in the war, he reached Berlin but was killed there . I’ve decided to participate in this event because I want to feel the way my grandfather did.”

Valeriy Teslya just likes making history more real for the people who come to see the show: “ They want more than just military uniforms….when soldiers start fighting that is more like it.”

To make it more authentic copies of the period’s artillery, tanks and armour are used. Our reporter in Ukraine, Maria Korenyuk had a grandstand view of the battle:

“In 1943 the river crossing operation and the establishment of a beachhead lasted several days. But in this simulated battle it took the Soviet soldiers only two hours to defeat the Nazi Army,” she said.

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