Thai troubles as amnesty bill sparks street protests

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Thai troubles as amnesty bill sparks street protests

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The Thai government is coming under pressure from its own supporters to drop a comprehensive amnesty bill that could see former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra return home with corruption charges wiped and his fortune restored.

The bill, proposed by Shinawatra’s party has emboldened the opposition with thousands taking to the streets to decry the move: “I disagree with the amnesty bill. Those in jail should be in jail, since the court already made its ruling. They should be in jail according to the laws. If they want to free them all. No more jail. No more court. How can we let them govern the country We have to come and fight,” said one protester.

Shinawatra was was ousted by the military in a 2006 coup and sentenced to two years in prison in absentia for abuse of power. He has lived abroad in self-imposed exile since 2008.