Pro-Mursi supporters condemn Cairo trial as illegal

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Pro-Mursi supporters condemn Cairo trial as illegal

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The location of Mohamed Mursi’s trial, at the police academy on the outskirts of Cairo, was meant to deter his supporters from turning out in large numbers.

But a sizeable number showed up despite a heavy security presence.

One of Mursi’s court appointed lawyers said his client was illegally removed from office: “The difference between the trial of Dr. Mohamed Mursi and the trial of (Hosni) Mubarak is that Mubarak had stepped down from power however, Mohamed Mursi is still the legitimate leader, legally and constitutionally, he is still the president. This is the situation according to the rule of law and according to the constitution.”

These sentiments are shared by some Mursi supporters who say the trial is part of a campaign to crush the Muslim Brotherhood.

“This is not a real trial. You can’t put an elected President on trial. This President took office through the ballot box,” protested one man.

“Why are the honourable put on trial, and the criminals are found innocent, like Hosni Mubarak? I want to know what is happening. Where are our rights?” asked a woman demonstrator.

The power struggle between the Brotherhood and the army-backed government has created more uncertainty with pro-Mursi supporters vowing to depose Egypt’s new leaders.