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Jude Law fattens up for ex-con role in new 'Dom Hemingway' film


Jude Law fattens up for ex-con role in new 'Dom Hemingway' film

‘Dom Hemingway’ is a film about a larger-than-life ex-convict back on the streets of London after a long spell in jail and out to collect what he is owed.

Jude Law and Richard E. Grant blew into London on Monday for the European premiere.

Director and writer Richard Shepard says he allowed the character of Dom to lead the writing process: “I didn’t really base him on anyone, I just wanted to create a character that was larger than life, that was obnoxious, abrasive, and yet somehow you couldn’t help loving him. And the idea really was ‘how do we bring the audience along with a character who is a great deal of fun to be with but also you want to keep at arms length’. And I think that was sort of what attracted Jude to the role and why it seemed to make sense.”

Playing a boisterous, drug-taking, heavy drinking criminal was a departure from the straighter-laced leading man roles Jude Law normally takes on.

The actor said his enthusiasm for his profession wavers with the opportunities he is given: “Spending a few months eating too much pasta and ice cream and drinking Guinness wasn’t the hardest thing to do. The challenge in a way was more keeping up the ferocity, I suppose, and the intensity of the guy. Because it was low budget we had a very short shoot so it was a gruelling schedule, you know, and maintaining that energy was the big challenge.”

‘Dom Hemingway’, which was first shown at the Toronto Film Festival on September 8, will be released in the UK on November 15.

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