Twin bomb blasts rip through two shops in Dagestan

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Twin bomb blasts rip through two shops in Dagestan

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A double bomb blast in Dagestan has ripped through two shops selling alcohol in the capital Makhachkala in the volatile Russian republic.

There is confusion over the death toll – one or two people are reported dead with at least 15 injured.

Witness Uma Gadzhieva described a person leaving a box in one shop before running away. The shop owner threw it outside.

A spokesperson for Russia’s anti-terrorism committee said the bombs were detonated by remote control and the resulting fire spread to nearby buildings.

Dagestan has recently become the focal point of an Islamist insurgency in Russia’s turbulent North Caucasus.

The female suicide bomber responsible for the recent bus attack in Volgograd is also said to come from Dagestan.

There has been a rise in violence from militants in the region which borders the Black Sea resort city of Sochi, the site of the upcoming 2014 Winter Olympics.