Time travelling turkeys try to get themselves off the Thanksgiving menu

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Time travelling turkeys try to get themselves off the Thanksgiving menu

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In the new animated film ‘Free Birds’ Reggie the Turkey – voiced by Owen Wilson – has been pardoned by the President of the United States. He lives a comfortable life at Camp David enjoying pizza deliveries and watching TV.

Then he is captured by Jake – voiced by Woody Harrelson – the president (and only member) of the Turkey’s Liberation Front.

Jake persuades Reggie to team up and hijack a time machine to go back and change the course of history.

The mission? To change the very first Thanksgiving in 1621 to prevent turkeys from becoming the traditional holiday meal once and for all.

Actor Owen Wilson explained the philosophy of the movie: “I think that every kid goes through that pressure to fit in and I think that the way this movie addresses that in thinking about your fellow man, that’s a nice message in helping other people and not always putting yourself first.”

Amy Poehler plays the role of Jenny, a turkey and Reggie’s love interest. Poehler joked that the film won’t cater to those looking for cheap turkey sound effects: “I cannot do any good animal noises. Luckily I was never asked to. Nobody stooped to asking me to do any kind of gobble. It’s not that kind of movie. If you’re looking for gobbles, you’re not going to get that here, okay, if you’re looking for cheap gobbles, then keep walking. This is not the movie for you.”

‘Free Birds’ hits Europe from the end of October.

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