Spying row - German Chancellor warns the US

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Spying row - German Chancellor warns the US

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned the US that there is no spying among friends.

Chancellor Merkel gave her tough rebuke as she arrived at the EU summit in Brussels and her message about America’s National Security Agency was clear.

She said: “Since we are talking about the NSA, I have also always told the American president: ‘There is no way of spying amongst friends’.”

She added: “I told him this in June, when he was in Berlin and also yesterday on the telephone. And I did so because of the citizens of Germany. It is not so much about me, but about all citizens. We need trust amongst allies and partners.”

Chancellor Merkel has demanded a complete explanation of claims that her mobile phone was tapped by US intelligence agents.

President Obama has assured Mrs Merkel that the US was not monitoring her calls but it raises the question of whether her calls have been spied on in the past.

Other leaders are also likely to want further clarification from Washington over the activities of its National Security Agency in Europe.

On Monday, France summoned the US ambassador over reports in Le Monde newspaper that the NSA had spied on millions of French phone calls. A day later, Le Monde reported that the NSA had spied on French diplomats in Washington and at the UN.