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'Saving Mr Banks' premiers in London


'Saving Mr Banks' premiers in London

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‘Saving Mr Banks’ has been premiered in London. Stars Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson were on the red carpet to greet fans. The premier was the closing event of the London Film Festival, which was opened by the screening of yet another Tom Hanks film ‘Captain Phillips’.

‘Saving Mr Banks’ is basically “the making of Mary Poppins” and deals with how Disney managed to persuade the author PL Travers to sell them the film rights. By all accounts it was not an easy deal to clinch.

Emma Thompson, who plays PL Travers, said: “It’s the first live action movie that Disney has done in 50 years. It’s very brave of them actually and very exciting to see Disney as a corporation, as a film making group, making something like this which is a grown-up drama and that I thought was very thrilling.”

Tom Hanks said that Disney had given them a free hand when it came to making the film, including an insights into how Walt Disney operated: “There was a substantial amount of the man that we tried to get into – not just the happy Uncle Walt that made people’s dreams come true. There was a pragmatic rather bare-knuckled businessman in there, who if charm didn’t work and hard sell and negotiation didn’t work either, well, then there was just some other place he’d have to go to make things happen.”

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