Uganda on red alert following release of Kenya massacre video

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Uganda on red alert following release of Kenya massacre video

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As dramatic footage emerges of the terror attack on the Westgate shopping centre in Nairobi, Uganda has issued a red alert following a warning of a similar terror threat.

Security across the Ugandan capital Kampala has been heightened after US intelligence signalled a possible imminent “Westgate-style” attack by Islamist militants.

Uganda has recallled security staff from leave and cancelled all police leave for the foreseeable future.

Somali Islamic militant group al Shabaab carried out bombings in Kampala in 2010. The attacks were said to be in retaliation for Uganda’s participation in the African Union Force offensive that helped neutralise Islamist rebels in Somalia.

Al Shabaab also claimed responsibility for last month’s Westgate Shopping Centre attack, in which at least 67 people died. It was another retaliatory attack; this time in retribution for Kenyan military intervention in Somalia.

Security camera footage from the Westgate assault shows the gunmen stalking the mall for victims, shoppers fleeing for their lives and the tragic consequences for those who fail to escape.

Kenya initially thought up to 15 attackers were involved in the massacre, but just four in total appear on the CCTV images.

Two charred bodies found in the rubble of a collapsed section of the shopping centre are believed to be those of the attackers.

Security forces brought the assault by the al Qaeda -linked group to an end but only after four days of bloodshed. At least eight people have been detained by Kenyan authorities in connection with the attack.