One month on: Worldwide protests take place to "Free the Arctic 30"

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One month on: Worldwide protests take place to "Free the Arctic 30"

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Worldwide protests have been taking place one month after 30 Greenpeace activists were detained for trying to board a Russian oil platform in the Arctic.

At one demonstration in the Russian capital, Moscow, 30 protesters each wore a slogan outlining what they say are lies the Russian authorities have told about them. A person dressed as a polar bear was briefly detained.

Investigators have allegedly found drugs and other suspect items aboard the Greenpeace boat. However, the group strongly denies the presence of any illegal substances.

Head of Greenpeace Russia’s Arctic Programme, Vladimir Chuprov explained:

“It’s been 30 days of injustice, 30 days of hearing absurd accusations.”

“We’ve seen very strange behaviour from a Russian court, and of course today we’ve come to say that this must end,” he added.

One “Free the Arctic 30” demonstration in Groningen in the Netherlands used a cage similar to the one the detainees were held in during their court appearances.

Meanwhile, Greenpeace premises in Murmansk, Russia, have allegedly been broken into, with a cage designed for use in the protests reportedly being stolen.

Since being arrested, the activists – who come from 18 different countries – have been held on piracy charges in a jail in Murmansk. On Friday, Briton Alexandra Harris was the latest to be denied bail.

Russian authorities have ordered the activists to remain in pre-trial jail until November 24.