World powers describe Iran nuclear talks as 'serious and substantive'

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World powers describe Iran nuclear talks as 'serious and substantive'

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For the most part world powers appear pleased with the way two days of talks in Geneva have gone with Iran over its nuclear programme.

The US called them “serious and candid”, although Russia said there was no need for applause.

Despite there being no promised breakthrough, Europe’s foreign policy chief applauded the change from confrontation to dialogue.

Catherine Ashton, European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs said: “It’s a new team. We’ve had the opportunity as I’ve already indicated, to talk in much greater detail than ever before, to answer each other’s questions.”

Iran’s view of the talks was also positive, hinting that it might even scale back sensitive atomic activities in return for the lifting of US.-led sanctions.

“As far as the United States is concerned we have an open mind, we are prepared to allow the United States to show its good intentions and goodwill. Of course we need to witness good faith, good faith would require you to move in the same direction,” said Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif,

But diplomats are yet to be convinced that Iran is not trying to build atomic bombs.

Euronews correspondent Ali May reported: “The talks mark the departure from the past ten years with both the EU and Iran talking about substantive negotiations and a positive outlook, agreeing to meet again in three weeks here in Geneva.”