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US: the winners and the losers in the budget battle

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US: the winners and the losers in the budget battle


A bi-partisan deal has been struck in the US Senate between the Democratic and Republican leaders Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell – to re-open the government, raise the country’s debt limit.

Euronews correspondent Stefan Grobe asked Tahman Bradley of ABC News who were likely to be the winners and the losers of the budget battle.

Tahman Bradley, ABC News: From a purely political standpoint, Stefan, the Democrats and the White House are clear and decisive winners here. Think about what happened; a small faction of the Republican party – the Tea party members – decided to use their vote to offend the government and to pay the nation’s bill in bills in exchange for defunding or appealing President Obama’s healthcare law and that will not happen, Stefan. They were forced to surrender and to surrender unconditionally.

Stefan Grobe, euronews: Now this stand-off, this inaction, Tahman, has become standard procedure in Washington for quite some time and you and I, we have been covering this for weeks and months. Do you think that given the huge public disapproval, this crisis is going to change things in Washington? That it’s going to change the way Washington works?

Tahman Bradley, ABC News: President Obama in an interview says that he believes the Republicans got the message and they are not going to try this play again. But I am going to tell you, we will be back here doing this again in January and in February. This deal is just a short term deal, they’re going to have to extend funding again in January and they’re going to have to raise the debt ceiling once again in February. Interest groups have dug in and they are saying they are not giving up this fight over the President’s healthcare law even after all of this, Stefan.

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