Paris Hilton is having a "Good Time"

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Paris Hilton is having a "Good Time"

Paris Hilton is having a "Good Time"
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The Queen of It Girls won’t take ‘no’ for an answer: seven years after her debut album flop, Paris Hilton is back on the music scene with her new single “Good Time”.

A savvy businesswoman who runs a multi-million dollar empire, Hilton has enlisted the help of renowned Dutch producer and DJ Afrojack, and New Orleans rapper Lil Wayne.

“Years ago, (Lil) Wayne was doing an interview for Interview Magazine and they asked who they wanted to do their interview and he asked for me. So while we were doing it, we just started talking about music and he asked if he could be on one of the tracks and that’s how it all happened,” said Hilton on working with Lil Wayne.

The song’s video features Hilton in a luxury crystal-studded bikini designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier himself.

Besides working on her new album due out next year, Paris has also been spending time on her latest venture as a DJ. The famous heiress has just returned from a DJing residency on the party island of Ibiza.

“I learned how to DJ over ten years ago from my friend DJ AM. He taught me on vinyls, a very long time ago, and in the past two years I have two DJ trainers I’ve been working with,” she said.

DJ AM, a former boyfriend of Nicole Richie, died of an apparent drug overdose in 2009.

To those who think music is just another whim for Hilton, she said it has always been a part of her life.

“I’ve played the piano since I was four and I’ve played the violin since I was a teenager and I’ve always sung and always loved it. So being in the studio is something that I really enjoy.”

So why has it taken seven years to make a new album?

“I’ve been focusing on all my other businesses. I have 17 product lines and over 50 Paris Hilton stores around the world and I am also opening my own properties. So I’ve basically been travelling and really focusing on my business, and the past two years I’ve been in the studio working on this album,” said Hilton.

“Good Time”, the debut single of Paris Hilton’s upcoming album, is out now.

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