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US House Speaker says no decision yet on shutdown


US House Speaker says no decision yet on shutdown

The US House Speaker John Boehner stated on Tuesday that the US Senate is still debating plans on House of Representatives legislation to reopen the government and raise the country’s debt ceiling.

A stalemate between the Republicans and Democrats over funding prompted this latest government shutdown. Boehner is key to any deal being struck.

At a news conference following a meeting with House Republicans, he said:

“There are a lot of opinions about what direction to go. There have been no decisions about what exactly we will do. But we’re going to continue to work with our members on both sides of the aisle, to try to make sure that there’s no issue of default and to get our government reopened. “

But Boehner treads a fine line between trying to reopen government whilst not angering the far-right within his own Republican party.