Russian police arrest murder suspect

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Russian police arrest murder suspect

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Prayers were tense in the Russian capital to celebrate Eid. Thousands of Muslim worshippers gathered in central Moscow, at one of the few mosques in the city, and in the Biryulyovo neighbourhood where there were violent scenes last Sunday.

Police erected security barriers and kept a close eye on events, wanting no repeat of the weekend’s riots.

“No, I don’t feel any hostility. The riot was just not worth it, it was a provocation, I think. We have been living side by side for so many years; now this happens, on this day,” said one local man.

The riot started when a vigilante crowd looking for a suspect in the killing of a Russian man, identified as of “immigrant appearance” swept through the suburb. Property was damaged, police officers hurt, and there were several hundred arrests. On Monday the local police chief rounded up some 1,600 people for interrogation. He has now been sacked.

On Tuesday police arrested an Azeri national, Orhan Zenyalov, who is suspected of involvement in the stabbing and death of a young Russian man in southern Moscow on Thursday.

There have been calls for a parliamentary inquiry into the riots, the worst ethnic violence in three years in Moscow.