Lyon celebrates its fifth Lumière Film Festival

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Lyon celebrates its fifth Lumière Film Festival

Lyon celebrates its fifth Lumière Film Festival
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It was raining stars in Lyon as cinema legends came out to celebrate the fifth Lumière Festival in the French city of Lyon.

Director Quentin Tarentino joined in a tribute to the 80-plus-year-old French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo who was guest of honour at this year’s opening ceremony.

The festival draws in the good and the great from the silver screen as it revisits the history of the movies.

Actress Claudia Cardinale was there and revealed she has made three films with her friend Jean-Paul Belmondo.

Daniel Auteuil said people like Belmondo ARE Cinema; to honour them is to pay homage to a popular art.

Actress Clotilde Courau applauded the festival as part of a great heritage, “it’s in our DNA” she said.

And actor Pierre Richard described the event as “pure eclecticism.” “The films shown can be the popular kind or examples of other works which don’t always get the consideration they deserve,” he added.

For Quentin Tarentino, attending the festival was a first: “It’s very exciting, it’s the beginning, I’m here all week and it’s really the begining of a really exciting adventure.”

Lyon’s celebration of film is a festival like no other. From October 14 – 20 it will reflect how the industry has developed over the decades.

Our reporter Frédéric Ponsard,in Lyon said:

“It’s been an emotional night at this year’s festival opening with too many living legends around me to count. But as always the highlight is the giving of the Lumière award which this year goes to Quentin Tarentino.”